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Key Captain Remote Locking System Is Rich In Features

Splashback Paint/Gelcoat Restorer

  • “So far the Key Captain, electrical locking system, has worked perfectly, flawlessly, which is what you would expect. I really like it! It’s fast and convenient! I don’t have anything but good things to say about it. It works fantastic so far and you know the way I run a boat, I say it’s a pretty solid deal.”

    Kevin Van DamPro Bass Elite Angler, Nitro Z9 Boat
  • “The Key Captain is completely flawless”

    Edwin Evers Nitro Z9 boat
  • “The Key Captain is absolutely spectacular. I love it! It is so convenient. I just push a button when I pull into a restaurant, or anywhere, and I know my rods, my tackle, everything in the compartments is secure and safe. I would recommend it to anyone! I beat on my locks so much and you can’t break The Key Captain Stainless Steel stems. These are the best locks, simply awesome!”

    Shaw GrigsbyPro Bass Elite Angler, Triton 20X3 Boat
  • “Since I’ve had this system installed, keeping my compartments locked with the push of the button is great! The Key Captain gives me the same convenience that I’ve taken for granted on my vehicles and adapted it for boats. The added functionality of the motor trim and 12v accessories really adds to the whole system I love it!”

    Joe Okada Professional Walleye Angler Yar-craft Boat
  • “Now that I have the electrical locking system on my boat, I often wonder how I lived without it. It’s kind of like the cell phone, how did I ever get along without one? It was such a headache to lock and unlock all the compartments. Now I just simply push a remote control button. We are loving it!

    David DudleyPro Angler, Ranger 520Z Boat
  • “I had thousands of dollars worth of equipment stolen off my boat prior to the installation of The Key Captain security system. Today I have the peace of mind that my possessions are safe. The system has proven its convenience and is the future of locking latches on boats. I recommend this to anyone that likes state of the art electronics and wants to protect his or her possessions.”

    Chris TorklesonPro Angler, Nitro Z9 Boat

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