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About Us

Sarasota Quality Products produces marine and other industry hardware, locks, marine latches, and stainless steel hinges  since 1983.

Our boat products are found on many recreational boats built in the United States including bass boats, pontoon boats, runabouts, ski boats, deck boats, offshore fishing boats, flats boats, aluminum fishing boats, and center console boats.


Our boat locks, lift rings and latches are unique in the industry, many have been granted U.S. Patents. We manufacture stainless steel access hardware and plastic lifts for a variety of boats, ships, and marine crafts as well as other industries. The Key Captain is our latest patented product. It is a remote control lock, (RF), electrically operated locking and latching system, (12V), for boats and in general the marine industry. Our products are very attractive and durable and offer a variety of options and aesthetics for the marine and other industry hardware user, while allowing interchangeability and cohesive trim styles. We also distribute a Splashback paint and gelcoat restorer that works on the molecular level for boat and trailer repair and other project restorations.


Sarasota Quality Products strives to produce high quality marine and other industry hardware and accessories and to stand behind our products with great customer service.





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