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Key Captain Boat Remote Locking & Controls Boat Lighting Too!

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Key Captain Boat Remote Locking & Controls Boat Lighting Too!

Our innovative patented Key Captain aka Sarasota Electric Lid Latches remote electronic locking/multipurpose system addresses concerns of security and like using your car remote as a measure of convenience, so to is the main purpose of this product. It will lock/unlock all boat compartments with 1 click of the remote.


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If you have 8,10, 12 or more compartments it become increasing more valuable. And it locks all the compartments at once so it will provide some sense of security…it also will control the engine trim up and down with another button, and another button can be used as an auxiliary for where ever the boat owner needs 12volts(lights on, radio, bilge blower on, air conditioning on from up to 300 feet away in perfect conditions so a boat owner can cool his boat

in advance of boarding. It has high quality stainless steel and composite components.

Presented in the video above by pro walleye angler Joe Okada and pro bass angler Shaw Grigsby.


-Lock/Unlock Compartment Lockable Latches

-Trim Down/Trim Up (trailer position)

-Turn Deck or Cabin Lights On/Off

-Turn Bilge Blower On/Off (or anywhere you need 12 volts)


The Key Captain System’s control panel is a permanently sealed and tamper-proof unit with a coding technique that protects the unit from unwanted interference. The transmitters are designed for marine use, and additional transmitters are available that can be added and programmed by user. The systems unique sleep mode results in low power energy saving operation, which saves battery life.

Tracker Marine(Nitro Z-Series) has the Key Captain aka Sarasota Electric Lid Latches as a custom option for the past 4 years,(direct link to Nitro Boat dealer website featuring the Key Captain, known on the site as Sarasota Electric Lid Latches below):

The Key Captain can be can be installed on existing boats as well.

Many professional bass pro fisherman have our Key Captain as a benefit of convenience and security on their boats for 7 years now.

Go to to learn more about the Tracker Marine Nitro Z-Series, then go to your nearest dealer and get your hands on one equipped with the Key Captain remote locking multi purpose system – you’ll never let go!

Give us a call for order information at 440-899-9820.
Or check it out here: Key Captain Customizable System

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