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LL 902 Lock Latch Marine Hardware

LL 902 Lock Latch


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Product Description

The LL 902 is a dual function lock latch. The key can be turned 180 degrees to unlock it. While in this unlocked position the lock can be used as a latch throughout the balance of the time in use. The lock can then be re-secured by turning the key back 180 degrees after useage. Arrow shows direction cam is pointed.

  • Lies flush to hatch lid, which eliminates tripping and snagged lines.
  • Features chrome plated brass and stainless steel construction.
  • Drains water off, not into the hatch.
  • Features easy-to-use lift loops that fall automatically back into recess when released.
  • To install, drill 3/4″ hole, drop lock in and fasten body nut. That’s it.

If you have Any questions, feel free to call us. (440) 899-9820.

A 2″ straight cam will be sent unless otherwise specified in a note to seller.

View available CAMS page  for this product at

Locks to individuals will be keyed alike unless otherwise noted to a note to seller.

Additional quantities available.

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