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Key Captain complete installation kit

STRKIT-SS 12v Electric RF Locking Starter Kit, Marine,Boat


Product Description

Key Captain boat remote locking system starter kit 3 function control panel and transmitter locks and unlocks Sarasota locks. Additional button can send 12 volt power to another auxiliary function of your choice. Transmitter fob comes with an indicator light. Comes with 2 SE1000 electrical locks and cams. The STRKIT-SS is the same as STRKIT with exception of the handle stems.

Items included in kit:

1 of KC5302 Control Panel with 3 button remote with indicator light

2 of SE1000 Lock Latch with electric & key lock (Stainless Steel Stems)

1 of WH-1000 Wiring harness

1 of Installation and operating manual 

Additional quantities available.

If you have Any questions, feel free to call us. (440) 899-9820.

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