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Boat Locks: Edwin Evers & Shaw Grigsby Love The Key Captain!


Boat Locks: Edwin Evers & Shaw Grigsby Love The Key Captain!

Remote locking and control  systems for boats have arrived!

Groundbreaking technology is the reason, and nothing is more groundbreaking than the new remote locking  and control system called The Key Captain(called Sarasota Electric Lid Latches custom option on the Nitro dealer site. The Key Captain custom option provides anglers with a level of convenience and security that has only been dreamed about in the past.

The complete security time saving remote control system provides you with the ability to operate the following functions from outside the boat:


Key CaptainBenefits & Features Flyer(Click To View)

-Lock/Unlock Compartment Lockable Latches

-Trim Down/Trim Up (trailer position)

-Turn Deck or Cabin Lights On/Off

-Turn Bilge Blower On/Off (or anywhere you need 12 volts)

The Key Captain System’s control panel is a permanently sealed and tamper-proof unit with a coding technique that protects the unit from unwanted interference. The transmitters are designed for marine use, and additional transmitters are available that can be added and programmed by user. The systems unique sleep mode results in low power energy saving operation, which saves battery life.

Everything you need to install a Key Captain electronic locking system in your boat or recreational vehicle

The components of the Key Captain A.K.A.Sarasota Electric Lid Latches Nitro Custom Option.

The Nitro Z Series from Tracker Marine has quickly become the most talked about boat on the market.The Key Captain control panel coordinates with digital key pad systems in all boats. The Nitro Z-Series combines the latest technology with good looks, speed and is a superb fishing platform. They have just taken the quality of Tracker Marine boats, and raised the bar.

Screen shot 2015-11-25 at 11.37.30 AM

Direct links to the Tracker Marine Nitro Z21 Custom option, The Key Captain, called Sarasota Electric Lid Latches on the Nitro Boat dealer website:

2017 Nitro Z21 Custom Options

2016 Nitro Z21 Custom Options

Go to the Nitro Boat Website to learn more about the Tracker Marine Nitro Z-Series, then go to your nearest dealer and get your hands on one equipped with the Key Captain remote locking multi purpose system – you’ll never let go!

The Key Captain is also available as an aftermarket product for existing boats.



Give us a call for order information at 440-899-9820.

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